How To Ensure Financial Guardianship Over A Parent When The Kids Don't Agree

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Children that are raised in the same household by the same parents can turn out to have very different viewpoints. This includes lifestyle, family, money, and all other choices. If you and your siblings have turned out to be different people, this may not cause a problem until you have decisions that you must make together. When your parents are getting older, they may no longer be able to care for their own affairs.

6 October 2017

Factors You Should Consider When Deciding Whether Or Not To Co-Sign Someone's Bail For Them

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If a friend, significant other, or family member is arrested, they may come to you and ask you to co-sign on their bail. Many bail bonds companies require a co-signer, as it is a way to ensure they will get their money if the defendant runs off, doesn't pay their bail amount or doesn't show up for court. Deciding whether or not to co-sign for someone's bail is a big decision.

14 February 2017

6 Tips For Borrowing From A Payday Lender

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Being denied for a personal loan does not help to alleviate a financial crisis. Unless you have friends or family willing to loan you the funds needed to get you through the crisis, you need to explore other options. For many people, a payday loan is the answer. To help you make the right decision about a payday loan you are considering, here are some tips to remember.   Know the terms of the agreement.

3 January 2017

Is Your Teen Ready To Have A Checking Account?

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Helping your teen open a checking account is a great way to teach him or her how to handle money. However, it's a big step -- one that you want to make sure your teen is ready to take. So, before you go to the bank, learn more about checking accounts for teenagers. Are There Age Limitations? Many banks allow teenagers to have checking accounts as young as age 13. However, that doesn't mean that you should allow your teen to have a checking account that young.

20 April 2016

3 Deductions You Don't Want To Miss On Your Business Taxes

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As a business owner, you want to make sure you are doing everything right when it comes time to file your tax return. Oftentimes, business owners don't take advantage of all the discounts and deductions that are available to them, leaving them having to pay far more in taxes than they should. With so many different deductions available, you want to make sure you aren't missing out. To help you maximize your savings, make sure you take advantage of the following discounts.

29 July 2015

4 Ways To Invest In Gold: 2 Good And 2 Bad

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If you're looking to invest in gold, then you have a few options. You can choose to own physical gold or you can purchase stock in companies that track gold. You can even purchase shares in gold mining stocks. Each one has its own positives and negatives. Bullion Many people view this as the purest form of gold investing. When you purchase gold bullion, you take physical possession of gold. A benefit is that you don't have to pay a holding fee or any expenses.

28 July 2015

3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Looking For Group Health Insurance For Your Small Business

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If you own a small business and are searching for group health insurance for you and your employees, it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of plans available, and you may not be sure what you should be looking for. Here are some tips to help you settle on the right healthcare solutions for your company. Avoid Limited Services Think carefully before trying to save money by buying group health insurance plans that offer limited services.

18 June 2015

Taking Stock Of Your Opportunities: How To Make Money Online Shooting Stock Photos

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With so many questionable and fraudulent opportunities appearing online every day, it can be difficult to find ways to legitimately make money online. Sure, you can make a few dollars here and there if you're selling stuff on an auction site, but how do you make a real income? If you have an artistic edge and you like photography, one of the ways that you can make money online is by shooting stock photography.

2 April 2015

Loved One Got Arrested In Another City? You Can Still Post Bond

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Realizing that one of your loved ones is in jail can be hurtful enough, but it can be even worse if your friend or family member is arrested in another city. It can make you feel helpless to know that you can't get to the jail quickly to bail him or her out, but you shouldn't give up. There are a few other options that you can look for if you want to be able to get your loved one out of jail while he or she is living elsewhere or is on vacation.

28 January 2015

Three Areas Of Your Home To Clean Up And Organize Before Beginning Your Estate Planning

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If you don't want your assets and property mismanaged after your death, it's extremely important to have a good estate plan. One component of estate planning, a will, can also provide a lot of much needed closure to surviving relatives. To ensure that your estate planning goes as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, prioritize cleaning up and organizing these three areas of your home. Attic It's common to have a lot of miscellaneous junk packed up in boxes in a small attic.

15 January 2015