3 Important Things To Do Before Buying A House

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Are you thinking about buying a house? Will you be a first-time homebuyer? Buying a house for the first time can be an exciting experience. Not only will you be able to paint and redecorate how you like, you'll usually also be saving money when compared to renting. But before you can even start to look at houses, there are things that you should do first. Failing to do these things could result in a more lengthy home-buying process. Some of the more important things that you should do or start doing immediately include:

Check your credit report: There are a lot of sites and even some banking apps out there that allow you to check your credit score for free. This is good, but may not be a complete picture. When checking your credit score, make sure to use a site or app that actually shows you what's been reported on your credit history. Since mortgage rates can change dramatically based on your score, you want to know if there are any invalid entries on your credit report as soon as possible. This will allow you to rectify the situation before any mortgage lender takes a look at your credit report.

Set up a budget: Owning a home is about more than just making the monthly mortgage payments. You'll also need to figure in the monthly cost of utilities and set aside a little every month for things like plumbing repairs or fixing a leaky roof. While figuring out your mortgage rates, your lender will let you know how much of a monthly payment that they think you can afford. Depending on your other expenses, this figure may be higher than you can actually afford, which is why you'll want to have a budget figured out ahead of time.

Open a new savings account: If you already have a savings account just for your down payment, great. If not, you may want to do so. When figuring out what sort of mortgage and mortgage rates that you're eligible for, lenders will want to see your bank account history. They want to know that you're able to save money instead of spending it right away. Having a savings account where your money goes in but it doesn't come out may help to simplify the process and allow them to more easily see where the money is coming from and how you can handle money. While they'll likely want to see bank statements from your checking account as well, in order to be sure, having a separate savings account can be extremely useful. 


26 March 2018

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