How To Ensure Financial Guardianship Over A Parent When The Kids Don't Agree

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Children that are raised in the same household by the same parents can turn out to have very different viewpoints. This includes lifestyle, family, money, and all other choices. If you and your siblings have turned out to be different people, this may not cause a problem until you have decisions that you must make together. When your parents are getting older, they may no longer be able to care for their own affairs. This is when you and your siblings will be required to band together to make decisions for your parents. If making choices together is difficult, here is how you can all produce proper financial guardianship over your parent:

Get an executor for your parent

If you and your siblings have begun to discuss your parent's estate and finances and you cannot come to any agreements, hiring an executor for your parent's estate is a good choice. The executor can look over your parent's needs and help to make financial decisions as an objective third party. Be sure that the executor has a fiduciary bond when they are handling your parent's finances. This will secure your parent's estate from mismanagement and possible loss. Getting fiduciary bonds could require a legal preceding, so be sure to see an estate attorney to make everything legal. 

Assemble to vote

Major decisions will need to be made at some point, likely regarding your parents living circumstances and physical care. For sibling groups who have arguments and troubles making decisions together, appoint an executor and another third party member of the family who can vote on important matters. If the majority rules rather than arguing out care, decisions will be more easily made as a group. When there are major decisions that must be made, be sure to assemble every decision maker and present them with the appropriate information necessary to vote. 

Hand it over to the grandchildren

If your children and your sibling's children are at the age of majority, they may be interested in aiding with their grandparent's estate. Consider allowing the adult grandchildren to run the grandparents estate. It is possible that the cousins will fight less and will look after their grandparents with affection. Since grandchildren may be further removed from any family rivalries, working together can be a simpler task for the grandkids. Your parents may also agree to turn over guardianship to the grandchildren more easily than another individual. 


6 October 2017

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