Can You Get Out Of Jail Even After Being Found Guilty?

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Being found guilty after a trial is not necessarily the end of things. If certain aspects of your trial were questionable, you might have a case for an appeal of the verdict. You might even be able to get out of jail while waiting on the appeal. To learn more about appeals and appeal bonding, read on.

It's Not Over Yet

It's extremely common to see someone found guilty of a crime being led away by deputies. Those found guilty will have handcuffs slapped on and they are usually then taken to a holding area to await a permanent assignment in a correctional facility. You might think that things are over at that point, but everyone convicted of a crime has the right to ask for an appeal. Not every case merits an appeal, but those that do may be provided with a second chance to be found innocent.

Understanding Appeals

Unlike what many might think, an appeal is not a do-over of the trial. That trial is over and verdicts are extremely difficult to overturn. An appeal, however, is meant to take another look at certain aspects of a trial and to determine whether or not the law was applied correctly. Judges seldom make mistakes, but all humans can slip up from time to time. An appeal can help keep innocent people from paying the price for those mistakes that occurred during the trial. If the appeals court finds irregularities in the trial, the defendant might be entitled to a new trial. It's important to understand that no new evidence or witness testimony is allowed during an appeal. The only thing being questioned is what already happened during the trial. Several issues can prompt an overturning of a verdict:

  • Jury misconduct
  • Errors in the interpretation of a law by the judge
  • Problems with evidence, such as disallowing or allowing evidence

Being Released From Jail

You might be able to regain your freedom while your case goes through the appeals process. An appeal bond allows for that measure as long as the court approves of it. Here is what you need to understand about an appeal bond.

  1. Those convicted of certain serious felonies might not be eligible for an appeal bond.
  2. Likewise, those considered a flight risk may have to remain in jail.
  3. You may need to be under more stringent bail conditions than those with a regular bond. For example, you might be ordered to check in frequently with a court official, wear an ankle monitor, or more.

You don't have to pay the exorbitant charge imposed by the court for a bond. Speak to a bail bonds agent, and find out how much less it costs to gain your freedom using a bail bond.


8 October 2021

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