What You Should Know About Pre-Trial Conditions When You Are Out Of Jail On Bond

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If you have recently gotten out of jail on bond, then you should be aware of what pre-trial conditions are and how they can impact you. These are some of the things that you will probably want to know.

These Conditions Might Be Set in Place By Your Bail Bonds Officer

Many people don't realize it, but bail bonds officers can put pre-trial conditions in place for their clients to follow. Basically, your bail bonds officer has a vested interest in you showing up for all of your court dates, and they might be concerned about the possibility that you will not show up for court as you are supposed to. Therefore, they might put conditions in place that require you to stay within the county or state that you were charged in or to check in with their office from time to time in between your release and your court date.

The Court Might Set These Conditions in Place, Too

Not only can bail bonds professionals put pre-trial conditions in place, but courts can, too. For example, if you have been arrested for a domestic violence incident, your pre-trial conditions might state that you cannot have any contact with the alleged victim in the case.

Your Bond Could Be Revoked

It is important to understand your pre-trial conditions and to abide by them for one main reason: you probably don't want to have your bond revoked. If you violate the pre-trial conditions that are put in place by your bail bonds officer, then your bail bonds officer can revoke your bond and have you put back in jail. If you violate pre-trial conditions that were put in place by the court, you could be put back in jail as well, and you could even potentially be charged with additional charges.

These Conditions Could Be Changed

Although there might be pre-trial conditions in place, there is a chance that you can have these conditions changed. For example, if your pre-trial conditions state that you cannot leave the state but if you need to leave the state for a family emergency, then you might have options. Don't just ignore the pre-trial conditions and hope that you will get away with it. Instead, work directly with a bail bonds company — depending on if the conditions were put in place by the court or the bail bond company — to find out about your options.


8 September 2020

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