Some Info You May Not Know About Using a Bail Bond

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It can be scary and confusing to find yourself locked up in the county jail when you are there because of a failure to appear in court due to a traffic ticket, fine, or some other simple charge. If you do not have the money to pay the fine and all the associated fees, you could be held until the court says you have served long enough to have paid what you owe. However, you can also talk to a bail bondsman or go to a website like and be released until your next court date. It is important that you understand what is involved in getting a bond.


The bail bondsman will post the full amount of your fine and fees to the court for you. You will pay them a percentage of what is owed and they provide a bond for the full amount. In addition, they will charge you a percentage of what they post as their fee. Many people think they will get this money back once they show up to court. Unfortunately, this is not true. The portion you pay for your fines will go to the court and they keep their fees for their services.


It will be important that you show up at court on the appointed date. If not, your bond will be overturned and you risk being put back in jail. The bondsman is going to send someone to find you and take you back to jail even if the police do not come looking for you. If you do show up, be prepared to have to pay the remainder of your fines to the court. You may be able to set up a payment arrangement with the judge. If you do not keep this arrangement, a bench warrant will be issued and you could be picked up again. However, the bondsman will not send someone for you because you will have fulfilled the bond agreement.

Using a bail bondsman is the only way to get out of jail when you cannot afford to pay the fines and fees you owe the court. This will allow you to keep working so you will be able to pay the court the rest of the money either in full when you go to court or with a payment arrangement. While the whole situation is not pleasant, it can be quickly taken care of so you can get on with life.


10 May 2019

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